Gucci Fever

Stardoll is a website whose interaction with it’s members is an essential. However, with over four hundred million members, listening to every opinion is impossible and often result in members having to take action into their own hands, making the items they desire.

Throughout the years, Stardoll introduced different features which let members express their creativity and love for fashion in their very own ways. A recent trend has been to use the simple design of the ‘Low Rise Sneakers’ from Nelly, adding StarDesign pieces to the sneakers, giving them a whole new look. The majority of the designers dedicated their time to recreate designs inspired by brands such as Gucci.

Whether the shoe is made from scratch, such as the slippers and mules below, or made with a StarPlaza item as a base, we admire the work and time put into these designs!


Gucci fever. Sneaker designs by HermosaLisagirl. Slippers made by ThePerpetua, seen on SoniaBellaStone. Mules also made by ThePerpetua, seen on Ccaauu1414.

Image sources:
Gucci. 2016.
G. Pucci. 2015. Gucci 2016 S/S. 

CIA 2016/10/08


Cia is looking playfully chic in this pretty outfit. Pairing the nude skirt with a baby blue striped shirt and a pop of oxblood on her clutch.

Cia is wearing ‘Blue White Striped Shirt’ from Clique, ‘Gold Silver Star Nude Dress’ from MSW ’16, ‘LE Max Mara Inspired Belt’ from Limited Edition, ‘Modern CC Clutch’ from Starpoint Rewards, ‘Chloe Cannes Sandals’ from Young Hollywood.

Image sources:
R. Auberson. 2015. 
J. Wright. 1765-68. Self-Portrait.
N. Knight. 2007. Dior 2007 S/S Campaign. 

XGIIRLX 2016/09/03

French user Xgiirlx is making delicate nude lingerie look cool by pairing it with Italian opulence and vintage sunglasses.

Xgiirlx is wearing ‘Lanvin Inspired Palm Earrings’ from Limited Edition, ‘Vintage Chain Sunglasses’ from Starpoint Rewards, ‘Versatile White Shirt’ from Pretty N’ Love, ‘Puffy Crew Neck Tee’ from Callie’s Picks, ‘Peach Lace Shorts’ from Pretty N’ Love, ‘Rose Heels’ from Strike A Pose.

Image sources:
W. Cook. 2002. The Orange Tree.
C. Coco. 2016.
D. Dolce. 2013. Dolce & Gabbana 2013 S/S Campaign. 

FOCUS ON: Sonia Rykiel


On 25th of August 2016 the french fashion designer Sonia Rykiel passed away. This was a big loss to the world of fashion and it was just a matter of time before fashionistas all over the world paid tribute to her. Throughout her long career she inspired men and women of all ages to be bold, happy and vibrant. Her shows were always out of the ordinary with lots of unexpected and playful elements. If you’ve been a member on Stardoll for a while you may know of Sonia Rykiel from the tribute store which entered the StarPlaza in 2010.

Two of the users who paid tribute to Rykiel are Fishbowlsoul and Kezzer97. Both put their own spin on the “Rykiel” style which naturally included her signature pops of bright colors.

Capture model Vlada Roslyakova’s look from the Sonia Rykiel RTW 2009 show using the ‘Necklace’ from Sonia Rykiel Tribute, ‘Printed Sweater’ from Sonia Rykiel Tribute, ‘Hot Buys Studded Beret’ from Bonjour Bizou, ‘Black Platforms’ from Sonia Rykiel Tribute.

Capture model Ali Michael’s look from the Sonia Rykiel RTW 2009 show using the ‘Multi Ruffle Sheer Dress’ from Sonia Rykiel Tribute, ‘Necklace’ from Sonia Rykiel Tribute, ‘Hot Buys Studded Beret’ from Bonjour Bizou, ‘Pink Platforms’ from Sonia Rykiel Tribute.

Image sources:
M. Madeira. 2009. Sonia Rykiel RTW 2009, look 21. 
S. Rykiel. 1990. Sketches by Sonia Rykiel.
S. Rykiel. 1995. Sketch by Sonia Rykiel.
A. Warhol. 1986. Polaroids of Sonia Rykiel. 
M. Madeira. 2009. Sonia Rykiel RTW 2009, look 19. 
2009. Sonia Rykiel RTW 2009 Detail, look 19. 


Using one of my favorite pieces (the Gucci inspired bag!) from the most recent Limited Edition collection, Croatian stunner SoniaBellaStone is wearing ‘Chic Two Tone Earrings’ from Bonjour Bizou, ‘Camilla Shirt’ from Pals, ‘LE Asymetrical Coctail Black Dress’ from Limited Edition, ‘Cropped Of Pants’ from IT Girls, ‘LE Dionysus Black Leather Bag’ from Limited Edition, ‘Ciara White Sandals’ from Young Hollywood.

Image sources:
H. Slimane. 2013. Saint Laurent 2013 S/S Campaign. 
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