SCHOULER 2016/08/24


Schouler is wearing ‘DKNY Beret’ from DKNY, ‘Waist Belt’ from RIO, ‘Dior Inspired Pearl Earrings’ from Voile, ‘Selftie Collar Blouse’ from Pearls, ‘White Evening Jacket’ from Voile, ‘LE Styled Suit Pants’ from Limited Edition, ‘Sheer Over Knee Socks’ from Limited Edition, ‘Rich Burgundy Satin Heels’ from Limited Edition.

Image sources:
P. Basch. (n.d.). Photograph of Catherine Deneuve.
H. Matisse. 1951. Woman covering her face with her hand.
2014. Céline Avenue Montaigne ad. 

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