MIVER 2016/08/25

The recently updated Starpoint rewards brought us some new stylish pieces, such as the scarf above.

Known mainly for her rooms, danish Miver is wearing ‘Perfectly Styled Scarf’ from Starpoint Rewards, ‘DvF Classic Black Overcoat’ from Callie’s Picks, ‘Sheer Jersey Tank’ from Subcouture, ‘Vintage Bagy Jeans’ from Vinyl, ‘Mini Quilt Designer Bag’ from Starpoint Rewards, ‘Black Chains Heels’ from Yves Saint Laurent Tribute.

Image sources:
C. Coco. 2016.  
V. Lecuona. 2015.
S. Meisel. 2001. Yves Saint Laurent F/W 2001 Campaign. 

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