XGIIRLX 2016/09/03

French user Xgiirlx is making delicate nude lingerie look cool by pairing it with Italian opulence and vintage sunglasses.

Xgiirlx is wearing ‘Lanvin Inspired Palm Earrings’ from Limited Edition, ‘Vintage Chain Sunglasses’ from Starpoint Rewards, ‘Versatile White Shirt’ from Pretty N’ Love, ‘Puffy Crew Neck Tee’ from Callie’s Picks, ‘Peach Lace Shorts’ from Pretty N’ Love, ‘Rose Heels’ from Strike A Pose.

Image sources:
W. Cook. 2002. The Orange Tree.
C. Coco. 2016.
D. Dolce. 2013. Dolce & Gabbana 2013 S/S Campaign. 

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