Gucci Fever

Stardoll is a website whose interaction with it’s members is an essential. However, with over four hundred million members, listening to every opinion is impossible and often result in members having to take action into their own hands, making the items they desire.

Throughout the years, Stardoll introduced different features which let members express their creativity and love for fashion in their very own ways. A recent trend has been to use the simple design of the ‘Low Rise Sneakers’ from Nelly, adding StarDesign pieces to the sneakers, giving them a whole new look. The majority of the designers dedicated their time to recreate designs inspired by brands such as Gucci.

Whether the shoe is made from scratch, such as the slippers and mules below, or made with a StarPlaza item as a base, we admire the work and time put into these designs!


Gucci fever. Sneaker designs by HermosaLisagirl. Slippers made by ThePerpetua, seen on SoniaBellaStone. Mules also made by ThePerpetua, seen on Ccaauu1414.

Image sources:
Gucci. 2016.
G. Pucci. 2015. Gucci 2016 S/S. 

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